Selected Projects

A selection of recent design work, including some current 'in progress' projects

Barnes 2021

The Family Garden | Garden Design

I will often create several concepts during the early stages of a garden design. This is especially useful when the space needs to be multi-functional.
Below are images from three different concepts I have prepared for a family garden in central Barnes that show how flexible the space can be and the different ways it can incorporate the various activities required for all the family.

Oxford 2021

The Lifecycle Garden | Planting Design

A planting design for a large space in central oxford that has an emphasis on creating environments that support the habitats associated with the four stage beetle lifecycle.


Kensal Rise - Garden Design

Ever wondered what goes into designing a small city garden? Here is an in depth focus on a project I completed for a client in Kensal Rise, including a breakdown of the process from initial site visit to a year after the garden was built.

Barnes 2021

The Urban Nature Haven | Planting Design

The clients for this lovely garden in Barnes were keen to encourage as much biodiversity as possible into the garden, and so decided to say goodbye to their lawn and allow me to reinvent the areas around the current hard landscaping and create a dynamic and resilient planting scheme that's not only nature friendly, but is also wonderfully relaxing and immersive. The scheme is heavily influenced by UK native species and planting combinations that will encourage wildlife. There is also be a small but perfectly formed kitchen garden area including a family apple tree and raised veg planter

Harpenden 2021

The Terraced Garden | Garden Design

A beautifully sunny garden in Harpenden. The garden is on a steep slope meaning that the client was looking out onto a lot of solid walls and landscaping.
The aim of the design was to rework the terracing to incorporate plenty of planting and more suitable natural materials, so the whole space felt more organic and secluded.
Several fruit trees and space for edibles and herbs were also included in the planting scheme to ensure the garden was productive as well as pretty!

Wimbledon 2021

The Celebration Garden | Planting Design

A planting design that will envelope the clients in everything that is sumptuous and warm; exciting yet relaxing; social, yet secluded.

Enfield 2020

The Dog Friendly Garden | Garden Design

A family garden in Enfield, which not only had to be both a social space and haven of greenery & fragrance, but it also had to incorporate playtime for a minimum for FOUR dogs at any one time!! It was so fun to design with dog tunnels, sniffer trails, dog friendly plants and dog pee resistant materials!

Kensal Rise 2019

The Courtyard Garden | Garden Design

Design plan and elevations for a low maintenance city courtyard garden with a lush jungle feel.


The Urban Entertaining Garden | Garden Design

A design for clients who love to entertain! A very sunny south facing garden, so full of plenty of drought tolerant plants and water features to keep the space vibrant and interesting all year round. Plan, section, elevation and 3D views shown. Hand drawn in pen.

The Shady Border 

A planting design elevation for a shady garden that required all year round interest and colour with a bit of added fun for the kids in the form of some topiary animals. Hand drawn in pen.


The Dry Garden | Planting Design

Planting design for a hot, sunny garden on very free draining stony ground. Plan and elevations shown. Elevations hand drawn and coloured, plan computer generated.

Parkland and Woodland Walk

Design plan and quick concept sketch for a large park area with picnic terrace, wild flower mounds, nature lake, winter garden, gazebo and woodland walks. Hand drawn in pen.