About Me

I'm a professional garden designer working across greater London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex. I design all types of outdoor spaces, specialising in plants and planting design.

My love of designing comes from a desire to provide you with the ideal outdoor space for your project, somewhere that can be enjoyed all year round; somewhere where you can thrive. My designs have a focus on functionality as well as artistry, finding solutions for any niggling issues where necessary, and delivering them with the creative flair I’ve become known for.

I am a great believer that our outdoor spaces can have a hugely positive affect on our mental and physical wellbeing and this can be an important aspect to the way I work. Taking time to work with you to find out how you want to use the space and how you want it to feel when you’re it in, can be very important to producing a successful design.

During the design process I use my in-depth knowledge of plants to create engaging and seasonally dynamic environments that are ecologically aware. Throughout any project I pay close attention to the issues of sustainability surrounding the plant and material supply chain, biosecurity, water usage, and general global impact.




I am qualified designer with a Diploma in Garden Design from Capel Manor and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Planting Design from London College of Garden Design (based at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew). I am a member (pre-registered) of the Society of Garden designers. 

Creating great gardens happens through the creation of great partnerships between designer and client. My promise to you is to listen, to engage, and to offer the best of my knowledge and expertise to find the best creative solutions for you… and to ensure it’s a relaxed and rewarding process for all!