• Low maintenance, courtyard with jungle feel and year round interest
  • Naturalistic planting with fire pit area and dog friendly trails
  • Cosy and private social garden area with fire pit
  • Beautiful planting design for shady areas of the garden
  • Low maintenance, terraced family garden with year round interest, patio, trampoline and garden room
  • Ecological planting for shady areas

"A HUGE thank you to Kate for designing my lovely little garden. Day or night, rain or shine it is a fabulous outside space all thanks to her vision and creativity"   S. Storey, Kensal Rise

About my work

Planting Design

Plants can enhance even the smallest of outdoor areas. They have the ability to transform a space and to make it come alive. They do, however, all have their own preferences when it comes to the conditions they will thrive in, and my skill is to know and understand these. This then allows me to create unique combinations to suit any preferred look and style... More

Garden Design

As outdoor space comes more and more at a premium, how we use it is continually developing. Most of us require our garden to be a multipurpose space where we can relax, play, entertain, and maybe even grow food. Throughout my design work there is a focus on making the most of the available space, whether you have a small balcony or a plot several acres in size. Every little bit deserves consideration so it serves you well and looks great all year round... More


Sometimes all that's required is a bit of advice on plant types, planting conditions or plant combination suitability. I therefore provide a consultancy service and welcome queries from public, corporate or private clients.   ... More